Heritage Barkeep Handheld Ejector Rod

Heritage MFG
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Replacement handheld ejector rod for your Barkeep. UNLOADING   1. Always keep the revolver pointed in a safe direction.   2. Hold the revolver with your left hand.   3. Push the hammer block up in the safe position.   4. Pull the hammer back to the second notch (or click) and the cylinder will turn freely.   5. Open the loading gate to expose the chambers.   6. Hold the ejector rod handle with two fingers.     7. While keeping your hand away from the muzzle, line up the ejector rod with the exposed cylinder chamber and push out the cartridge.     8. Rotate the cylinder to line up the next chamber.   9. Repeat this cycle until all chambers are empty. 10. Double check that each chamber is empty.


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    Ejector rod

    Posted by Robert on 19th Feb 2023

    This rod fits perfectly on the holster for my Bar Keep. I got this rod as a backup for my Bar Keep, just in case.